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The Ultimate Guide to Smarter Sales

The premiere strategy for any online business that wants to dominate their competition by rethinking how sales drive growth.

Each individual strategy:

Offer + Funnel + Fuel

The end-to-end strategy for creating an offer that is ready to be added to your sales funnel and change the economics of your ad campaign.

The Ad Loop w/ Facebook

The best strategy for creating an efficient Facebook ad campaign for each stage of your sales funnel.

Convert Better

The best guide for your landing page optimization and effective methods for increasing conversions from the ad campaign, all the way to checkout.

The Email Loop

The ideal email strategy for increasing your per customer sales using a cost-effective marketing channel.

Experience, Expertise, and Availability
for On-Demand Online Marketing Support
Without the Full-Time Commitment…


On-Demand Marketer

The expert on-demand marketing support via email to answer any questions you have about your online business.


On-Demand Marketer for Shopify

The expert on-demand marketing support via email to answer any questions you have about your Shopify business.

Need fresh ad copy?

Custom Facebook Ad Copy

Professional level ad copy writing service for your Facebook ad campaigns.  Ad copy that meets the needs of every ad type, getting the right message in front of your customer.

Need a compelling ad image?

Custom Facebook Ad Image

Professional level ad image design for your Facebook ad campaigns.  Images are that are congruent from your ad to your landing page, getting the attention of your customer.

Short and Long-Term, Hands-On
Support for Your High Impact
Digital Marketing Needs…


Per Project Basis

Not quite ready to hire a full-time marketer?  Try one of our managed services that are available to take over any initial setup of ad campaigns and your marketing support technology, as well as daily management tasks that free up time to focus on the revenue generating activities of your business.  Leverage the help from a seasoned marketer.


Daily Schedule

Need someone to help with your marketing for a longer-term?  We can put together a daily schedule that allows you access for your specific marketing needs, whether it’s a seasonal ad campaign setup and management, or an entire inbound channel strategy, such as PPC or email.  We can come up with a plan that fits into your business and budget.